Ft. Drum - Soldier Family Care Clinic

QPK Design is providing schematic design through contract administration services as a part of a design/build team
constructing a new 22,500 SF freestanding clinic to serve soldiers and their families while stationed at Ft. Drum. As
required in the functional program and the user’s concept of operations, the clinic is organized in an onstage/offstage
parti. Staff spaces are at the North side of the building and accessed from a separate staff entry, with patient entry
and waiting at the South side. The two meet “onstage” in the exam rooms, each getting to the stage from opposite
sides of the building. There are 3 zones as defined in the program, Exam, Treatment and Staff. The treatment zone
includes treatment rooms, phlebotomy, laboratory and a diagnostic x-ray room. There are four (4) spaces provided
for caregiving collaboration. A pharmacy is also included in the program for patient convenience. The interior finish
materials and colors are calming and organic in palate to provide the proper environment for patients and staff.


The exterior design is defined by the installation standards as published by Ft. Drum for this area of the base. Some
of the salient features are brick exterior walls, sloped metal standing seam roof, and horizontal precast bands. The
patient entrance and waiting area is punctuated by large expanses of glass to allow natural light in and views to the
surrounding site area.


The building is registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and is slated for LEED Silver Certification.
Execution Method: Design/build project delivery using fast-track scheduling.