VA Medical Center - Spinal Cord Tower

Syracuse VA Medical Center-Spinal Cord Injury/Disease Addition and Renovation


QPK Design is the architect of record and provided design development through contract administration services for the Spinal Cord Injury Tower addition to the Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The 6 story addition includes a 30 bed inpatient spinal cord injury/disease unit with associated treatment, rehabilitation and daily living training areas, a therapy pool, and vertical transport with direct departmental connection to the existing parking garage.  The addition also includes areas for Endoscopy/GI/UGI, Infusion, Dialysis, Phlebotomy, Central Sterilization and Same Day Surgery. One floor is dedicated to a new 7 room operating suite that includes 4 general O.R.’s, Cystoscopy, Ocular surgery and a Vascular O.R. which contains a Siemens Artis Zee ceiling imaging unit and dual multi monitor image.


The fourth floor renovation includes SCI outpatient services such as physical therapy, hydrotherapy, urodynamics, daily living training, exam rooms and physician’s offices. The remainder of the floor houses prosthetics, respiratory therapy, sleep labs and dept. of surgery offices. As part of the renovation the ground floor canteen was expanded to add staff dining, update parts of the kitchen and increase administration and storage space.


The project scope also included a $10.8M, two-level vertical expansion to the Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center’s existing parking garage.  Construction included improvements to the foundation and columns, introduction of shear walls, and extension of stairs and elevators.  The parking garage expansion added 480 spaces.


Challenges and Solutions







Equipment Installed


  1. Ceiling mounted imaging with additional monitor boom in Vascular O.R.

  2. Ceiling mounted microscope for Ocular surgery

  3. O.R. Equipment, Light and Anesthesia booms

  4. Patient Lifts in each SCI patient room

  5. Central Sterilizing Dept. Steam and ETO sterilizers

  6. Endoscopy  sterilizers

  7. Individual Patient televisions

  8. Nurse call system